Return Policy


Our return policy allows for the return of said product within 30 days of receiving the original order.  It is required that the item is in the original condition, complete with the undamaged packaging.  We also require that the refund request is submitted to our Customer Service Department only.  Using an incorrect address for the return will result in the refund not being able to be processed.

Products that are Damaged or Missing

When taking delivery of your order please contact us immediately if you notice any product damage or missing items.  Claims made for the refund of these products need to be reported within five days of the order’s receipt.  We respectfully request that you furnish us with all evidence of the item’s detrimental status, as you received it after shipping.  We will naturally reimburse you for all shipping costs associated with the flawed product, but not for items of which we have not been properly notified of their damage.

Standard Requirements

  • It is necessary to use the Regular Postal Service for all returns, defined by each country. Please supply us with a tracking number for the return.
  • The customer is responsible for the returned product until it reaches our warehouse. We ask that you re-package the item carefully, so as not to incur additional damage.
  • If the product you wish a refund for cannot be returned, we will consider your claim and any information regarding the flawed item. Due to the lack of a physical return, these claims will be made at our discretion.

Our processing time includes the delivery of the item to us, where it and the enclosed documentation by you, will be examined.  This generally takes 2 to 6 weeks, before approving your refund.



We will be happy to issue a replacement product within 30 days of having received the original order.  Please return the first order, so we can process the second order.  Additional payment must be made if the replacement item has a higher price than the previous product.  We will issue a partial refund on all returned orders that have a lower price on the replacement item after we have received and inspected the returned product.

Standard Requirements

  • We request the returned item be sent to us by Regular Post (as defined by your country).
  • We only return shipping costs on items received as damaged goods
  • We will consider issuing a replacement item if you are unable to send us the original packaging, at our discretion.
  • Please note that responsibility of the original order rests with the customer until it is received by our warehouse. We suggest a careful re-packaging of the item to avoid any additional damage.
  • We will consider the possibility of a replacement order at our discretion, if the original product arrives in damaged condition to our warehouse, after being in excellent condition when received by the customer.

Generally, our processing time for replacement orders takes from 5 to 10 business days.  This allows time for the receipt of your original item, its inspection, returning it to inventory and shipping the new order.

Refund Policy

Depending on your method of payment, your refund may take up to 4 weeks.  The time begins when we receive the returned product and it goes through inspection.  If you wish to cancel your order before we have shipped the product, we will happily do so upon the confirmation of said cancellation.  All orders previously placed, may be canceled before 5 AM (GMT).

Please Note: All orders shipped using international shipping carriers may only supply estimated dates of delivery and is not in our control.  If that date has passed without you receiving your order, please contact us immediately.