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Signal Boosters for Vodafone Network

Signal Boosters for Vodafone Network

As a multinational telecommunications company, Vodafone has its branch in Australia and boasts high popularity among Australians with an estimated number of 7 million subscribers. The Vodafone company provides one of the highest quality services in the spheres of voice and data over mobile phones.

However, no mobile network provider is available in certain locations like, rural areas or the outer suburbs of big cities, where the signal might not function properly, resulting in failed calls, some of which may be of great importance to you. If you are reading this, then you won’t have this issue anymore as our company will provide you with high-quality signal boosters for boosting mobile signal reception and making it clear, without failures at any place and with any frequency band of Vodafone –  3G or 4G.


Vodafone offers its’ customers mobile networks of different band frequencies. There are different spectra for each network. Talking about Vodafone’s 2G GSM service we should say that it operates on 900/1800 MHz frequencies covering 94.52% of the population. Our corresponding 900 and 1800 MHz signal boosters for Vodafone frequencies are there to assure the clear and strong signal reception of your mobile regardless of your location. The 3G network comes with 900/1800/2100 MHz frequency bands with the latter i.e. the 2100 MHz frequency band being mainly aimed at urban areas. This is the case when our 2100 MHz booster for the Vodafone network is exactly what you will need to install at your home or office in order to get quality signal reception. We have the corresponding boosters for Vodafone users for the other 3G frequency bands that will completely fulfil all your needs. As for the 4G network, it comes with the spectra of 850/2400/2600 MHz and is available in some of the big cities of Australia but the company keeps expanding its coverage. Our company provides different signal boosters for Vodafone frequencies starting from a single-band to dual and tri-band ones that will contribute to you getting the best out of the data of your Vodafone mobile network services.

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