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Mobile signal boosters for Telstra Network

Mobile signal boosters for Telstra Network

There are many network providers in Australia, and all of them experience network issues to one extend or another. Even if you are a Telstra subscriber, which is one of the biggest network providers in the country, you most definitely have been in the situation, where you had to walk around to find a signal. You could experience troubles with voice or data network reception, however even reception doesn’t guarantee clarity and quality.

There could be such cases, where the network provider has the necessary cell towers in place, however the signal gets crumbled by the natural terrain, buildings, and much more. But don’t despair, there is a solution. 

Purchase a mobile signal booster, and enjoy the communication as it was meant to be, clear, accessible and without interruptions. You will be surprised how much easier and stress-free your life will become with this little unit. 



The mobile phone repeater works the following way: the outdoor antenna catches the original signal, sends it to the booster unit. The repeater amplifies the signal and sends it to the indoor antenna, which, in turn, broadcasts the strong signal across the covered area. No corner of your space will be left without a strong and steady signal. 

We offer mobile signal boosters for Telstra network subscribers that are designed specially to amplify voice, 3G, and 4G signals, as well as to cover areas from small 150 sq. m. to a great 1500 sq.m. spaces. You can get one for your home, office, small hotel or even a boat. Our boosters enhance networks of all frequencies and providers, even such operators as Telstra. Get one for you, and enjoy the smooth communication.