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Signal Boosters for Optus Network

Signal Boosters for Optus Network

The Yes Optus company is the second-largest telecommunications company in Australia and provides its customers with high-quality services in the fields of broadband, wireless internet, Satellite, and 4G Mobile, representing itself under its famous Optus “Yes” brand.

The company keeps expanding its coverage and more and more users are applying for mobile and other services of Yes Optus. However, as is the case with any mobile network provider, at some point and at certain locations, they might fail to provide a quality signal, thus causing you inconvenience and even interfering with some of your important calls. Our signal boosters for Optus frequencies are made exactly to meet a Yes Optus user’s needs and will solve your signal reception issues.


The 3G network of Yes Optus operates on 900/2100 MHz bands. By getting our signal boosters for the Optus operator you will be able to have all the data and voice services functioning smoothly at any location that you install them. We provide devices for boosting your Yes Optus network signal anywhere and any time with high quality and affordable prices. For your 3G network, you are free to choose from our single-band, dual, or tri-band signal boosters for Optus network users, the one that completely meets your needs and demands. Our products are meant to support frequency bands of any range and we surely have one for your 2100 MHz band.

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