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Hotel Signal Boosters

Hotel Signal Boosters

A hotel is a place where guests can rest, rejuvenate and find sanctuary in a foreign city or town. It is often a place where friends and family get in touch with loved ones whilst overseas or make important business phone calls to clients and their head office. Mobile and internet coverage is one of the key elements reviewed by guests as part of their hotel experience. Therefore, it’s therefore an important service to provide when asking clients to choose your hotel over hundreds of others.

Similarly, a hotel’s cafés and restaurants need to be serviced by strong mobile coverage so that one-off visitors are provided for in the same way as hotel guests. Ensuring that all diners have access to phone calls whilst eating at your hotel is part of providing an excellent overall experience.


For many years, Mobile Signal Boosters Australia has been entrusted with the development of mobile phone boosters that are suitable for the hotel industry. Our wide range of state of the art mobile signal boosters are there to ensure that you can guarantee excellent mobile cover across all areas and rooms in your hotel and a perfect 5 signal bar quality service to your guests. A booster set up in an appropriate position in your hotel can see your guests experiencing the benefits of excellent mobile coverage in just 15 minutes.

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