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Patchy mobile coverage is a prolific problem in Australia and a constant source of frustration to drivers around the nation. As soon as you drive through a tunnel – wham! Signal is gone. Aggravating, dangerous and completely impractical for today’s busy world.

And it’s not just in the cities. Mobile towers are typically erected in the most densely populated areas of Australia, leaving large expanses of outback Australia without a solid signal – a real problem for people living in rural areas who are travelling great distances between country towns and farms, as well as for holiday makers travelling out to the country on the weekends. What happens if you experience problems with your car or you get a flat tyre? Without any mobile coverage there is no way to get in touch with somebody who would be able to assist.

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A car mobile phone booster can take the weak mobile signal in a metropolitan tunnel or in the Australian outback and boost it to a suitable level to ensure that your day-to-day phone calls or emergency calls for assistance are never disrupted by poor mobile service.

No matter whether you are purchasing your mobile booster for a small vehicle or a truck or trailer, Cell Booster Australia has the perfect car mobile booster for you. Our products are certified and are safe for use in any vehicle; even when located in such a close proximity to you and your passengers.

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