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Money Back Guarantee

Here at Signal Boosters Australia, our customers are provided with high quality mobile phone signal repeaters and accessories that are the leading ones in the marketplace.  Signal Boosters Australia ensures that all the products undergo a thorough test with the guidelines of the company.

The experience of our customers is important for us, and we are always available to provide technical assistance so that the customers have no issues with the product. You can contact us anytime if you are having trouble dealing with the setup process of the product and we will be happy to provide you with all the possible solutions.

We also provide our customers with 30-day money back guarantee if they would like to return product for any possible reasons. In order to get a refund for returning the product, you are only required to cover the shipping and insurance expenses. The fees are dependent on the location and the product size, however it typically ranges from 62 AUD to 98 AUD.