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5 Ways to Solve Weak Mobile Reception in Australia

Most Australians go through daily life without having any mobile signal issues, but for some of us, it is quite a different story. We have all experienced poor mobile phone signal at some point and remember how frustrating it is. Usually when your car has broke down in the bush, you have left the iron on, and your wife is about to go into labor.

So, why do we get ‘bad signal’ in the first place?

  • You are far away from sufficient cell towers – usually the case for our bush and outback living mates
  • The amount of obstacles between your phone and cell towers. This one is more likely in a city where skyscrapers and other buildings get in the way
  • The amount of devices being serviced from the same tower also influences signal strength. This may occur at big sporting and music events.

What can we can do to improve our mobile phone signal? Here are 5 top tips – and some bonus ones – to make sure you are improving your phone’s reception:

Buy a signal booster

Mobile phone signal boosters are perfect for improving the amount and distance of your reception. They are available to use with phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. In fact, a study by Wilson Electronics found that a phone signal booster was able to provide reliable signal to those living in extreme isolated areas surrounded by forests.


Antennas are a great way to improve your mobile’s signal. Nowadays, a lot of phones can host an antenna with a patch lead and a antenna port. Some are even capable of being put on the roof of your car. There are heaps of different sizes and types, so make sure you buy the right one for you.

Speak to your provider

This one might be met with some shrugs and groans, but your provider might be able to investigate your signal problems. If they cannot fix or give an explanation, they may add it to areas known for weak signalling and you may be in for some postcode tender loving care in the future.

Remove Your Phone Case

It could be that your favourite disney character may be the problem. Stylish accessories such as phone cases have the potential to be an obstacle between you and your phone.

Hand Position

If you think back to black and white TV shows, the phone’s antenna was huge and outside of the phone. Our smartphones today also have antennas but they are hidden inside. It sometimes occurs that we block our phone’s antenna with our hand position. Try experimenting with how you hold your phone and you may just fix your signalling issue.

A few other suggestions include getting away from white goods, keeping a good battery, using wifi, getting to a higher point, switching between 2G 3G and 4G, and standing still so your network doesn’t have to adapt to your location changes – a great reason to pull over before taking or making a call!

Follow these guidelines and you should be able to diagnose and improve your signal issue in no time!

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